Eden Hazard: “Chelsea have never called me to return”


Eden Hazard: “Chelsea have never called me to return”


Chelsea never called me to return, says Eden Hazard

Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard has never been called by Chelsea since leaving for the Madrid club.

Hazard, while talking to Marca on Tuesday, said he was never called by Chelsea to re-join them when Marina Granovskaia was the director of football.

“I was never close to returning or to leave Real Madrid in general. Chelsea have never called me,” he said.

The 31-year-old said he is not planning to leave Madrid in January, but he would be open to a move away from the Spanish club if he was asked to leave in the summer.

“[Departure] in January is impossible, because I have family and I like the city.

“But in summer it is possible that I could leave. I have one more year on my contract and it is the club’s decision.

“If the club tells me, Eden, thanks for the four years, but you have to go, I have to accept it because it is normal.

“But I would like to play more, to show that I can play, that I am a good player.”

He said he will use the World Cup to prove to everyone that he can still play football.

“Sure. It is normal for people to doubt me. I am a player who has not played many games in three years.

“I can understand it. I have to show it when I play, be it five, 10 or 15 minutes. I want to play and when I do I have to do it well.

“When I don’t play it’s difficult, but if I play, of course. Soccer is my life and I just want to play.”

Hazard said his dream has always been to play for Real Madrid since he was a kid.

“I don’t play but being a Real Madrid player was my dream when I was a kid and after this year I have one more season on my contract. I want to play for this club, with this shirt.”

When asked about his injuries woes since arriving in Madrid, he said: “I haven’t been lucky because of the pandemic and other things, like the injuries in the second year.

“But for 10 years at Chelsea I played 500 games without injuries or anything, and then in two years all these injuries.

“It’s something I cannot explain. It’s something I can’t explain.”

When asked where he think he has failed, he said: “I don’t think I have failed. I played a lot of games in 10 years.

“There are times in life when you are a little bit unlucky with a game, an injury, and you have to understand the way you live.

“You can change things in life, but I think a lot of them were because of bad luck, a little bit because of the coronavirus, a little bit because of the confinement.”

Eden Hazard will now be looking forward to leaving his club problems behind and captaining Belgium to World Cup success.